About our founder


Rele Rampeta is a 18-year-old designer and founder of “Pareltia” from Bloemfontein. In 2017 she ventured into modelling and she was part of eModels Bloemfontein and then decided to join “@Models” a few months later. She got signed by “Just You Model Management” in Johannesburg and has been mentored by the likes of Jeanre Du Preez , Nadine Barkhuizen, Jeff Verlinden and Alexandra Steyn. Rele continued to win various awards in 2017 & 2018 .

Her aunt and uncle taught her how to sew clothes back in 2017 and she says “my love for fashion grew when I participated in fashion shows the previous two years”. Relebohile also went to the US in 2018 and says that experience made her realize the difference between the fashion industry in South Africa and the USA. “I realized how business works faster that side & that’s the pace i’d love to move at”.

“Pareltia” is a mashup of the first few letters of her names (Rele & Patience) and it was launched on the 18th of May 2019.

Some of the challenges she has faced in her journey include being degraded by people because she is young, black and female. This encouraged her to launch the #BecauseIAmFemale campaign. The campaign focuses on helping females be the best versions of themselves.

Elaborating more on her brand and campaign, she explained that it has helped her and other young women around her surround themselves with women who are not hesitant to lift each other up.

Asked who inspires her she answered, “one of my favourite designers is Rich Mnisi and my role model is Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche”. Her daily inspiration is her mother as she would not have achieved all she has if it were not for her support. “The woman I’m working towards is being a reflection of my mother” she adds.

Her goal with Pareltia is not necessarily to make millions out of it but to implement a remarkable meaning of fashion and how people view a young black woman. “I am a firm believer of the saying, leaving a remarkable presence on earth is about the positive influence you left to the people around you in the generation that will follow ”.

She finds it extremely exciting to work with new people and in different environments as it helps her grow.