SSL Revolutionary Movement Open Session Guest Speaker

The Stock'o Sa Lefura is a body activists movement that is aimed at addressing and redefining what the media and society portray as beautiful, while empowering the girl child and equipping her with tools that will help her become the best version of herself.
More than anything it encourages young girls to believe in the power of their dreams and to do whatever it takes to make sure that they achieve them.💕

The movement was founded by Rebaone Diphoko; a humble, passionate & artistic soul that is driven by her passion for women empowerment and pagentry

I was pleased to be invited as a guest speaker to share my tips on self-confidence & how to become  goal-orientated young female & to talk about my Because I am Female Campaign which is also focused on these aspects

Date : 22 June 2019

Dressed in RILKYWAY

Venue: Castello Guest House Bloemfontein