Get It Magazine Feature

back in primary school, my father used to argue with me for always having a pair of scissors in my hands and making a huge mess out of cutting fashion catalogs in magazines for my school projects
this year, i use those pair of scissors to make a living out of myself & i get to use myself in my school projects

dreams delayed are not dreams denied
& the beauty of this life thing is that EVERYTHING happens at GOD’S pace

3 months into the industry & we got ourselves featured in a 4 page spread in a magazine 

Pareltia has not only brought wonderful people into my life, but it has also helped me surround myself with young women who aren’t hesitant in lifting each other up
& it makes me happy every single day to hear my friends & peers say that my work inspires them to go chase their dreams without having any doubts

thank you for believing in my brand & for this wonderful feature (Pierce van Heerden)
go get your #getitmagazine #getitbloemfontein September issues